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Aldana Legal Services LLC

Randal Aldana


After the case is referred to my office, I, will immediately call the client to schedule a meeting as soon as they are available. If no contact is made, I will keep the attorney informed and client will be called on three different occasions throughout the day. If there are any discrepancies, I will contact attorney immediately to clarify the matter. After the signup I will then contact the attorney and inform them of the outcome. The file will be delivered to your office the following day. Any additional work needed to be done on the case, will be done only upon attorneys’ approval.

Aldana Legal Services
Feb 2017- Present 5 Yrs 1 mo

Intake/IME/Investigation Specialist Dept. Manager

Ginarte, O’Dwyer, Gonzalez, Gallardo & Winograd,

LLP2015 – Feb 2017 – 2 Yrs 2 mos

OpenJar Productions
Nov 2013 – Jan 2016- 2 Yrs 3 M

Hill & Moin LLC
Jan 2014 – Apr 2015 – 1 yrs 4 mos

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