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Disability AssesSment medical centers

We have years of experience helping Attorneys find the right facility to send their clients.We have a Medical Network strategically place so we can capture and service all of your clients. Don't see a place your client can go to, let us find you a place the to satisfy the client & you.


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Consultants LTD

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paralegal investigative  signup

Retaining  the client should be the first priority, With so many scammers out there seeking your client. Hiring a qualified private investigator (PI) is frequently the key to a successful outcome of a personal injury case. Whether the case is a workers compensation claim, vehicle collision, negligence or other personal injury incident; time is of utmost importance.


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Pre-Settlement Funding


Personal Injury Loans with Complete US Services are simple to get and lets your client get back to his life . Decisions take 1-2 days after we receive the documents asked

- Low Rates

- Quick approval

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immigration law



You've signed your accident case and need the services of an immigration lawyer that will work with  you. Our immigration attorney will protect the clients rights and safeguard the case for you.

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Financial planning after a P.I. case

Personal Injury lawsuits can result in individuals receiving large amounts of money. Often more money than they've seen or had in their life. If someones receives alot of money , planning is essential and neccesary. You need an attorney well verse in Finance to help you plan on how to invest and preserve your client's hard earn money

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