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 Let me introduce you to clients using our services.

Sam Shlivko

Sam J. Shlivko, Esq.

Mr. Santiago and his team are truly excellent to work with. They are professional, responsive, dedicated, attentive and accessible. I highly recommend reaching out to them for more information on how they can help your practice.

Sam J. Shlivko, Esq.
30 Wall Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10005
T: (212) 888-6601
F: (929) 529-7629

Michael Aviles

Michael J. Aviles & Associates LLC

Herb Santiago has worked with me numerous years and has been an asset to my law firm. We’ve used the medical network and paralegal signup to service our clients.

Herb’s strengths are that he is always available to reach. Has numerous clinics easily available and a call center available 24 hrs./day.

I recommend Herb Santiago and his company LM Professional. His eagerness and attentive matter make him an asset to anyone using his services.


Jeffrey Bader

Jeffrey A. Aronsky P.C.

Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing this reference at the request of LM Professioanl. Herb Santiago, of LM Professioanl Marketing LLC has worked with me numerous years as an account represenative and facilitator .

Herb is easily accesible, the medical clinics he works with are located in convenient locations and are opened most of the day.

In all of the above, he is a super nice guy . I would highly recommend Herb Santiago and his company LM Professional Marketing LLC. His eagerness and attention to detail make him an asset to anyone using his services. LM will be an extremely positve addition to your organization.

If you need any additional information , feel free to contact me at


Jeffrey Bader, Esq.

Daniel Niamehr,Esq

Daniel J. Niamehr,Esq

Herb Santiago and the team at LM Professional Marketing have been an amazing help for practice. They are quick, professional, and amazing with clients. They are an asset to my firm and my clients, and I would recommend them to any law firm.

Evan Ross

Ross , Legan, Rosenberg, Zelen & Flaks

My firm has worked with Mr. Herb Santiago and his team for more than two decades. Herb has an expansive knowledge of marketing which has proved highly beneficial to my firm thru the years. Mr. Santiago’s marketing campaigns are creative and effective.

Herb has always been the consummate professional and his work ethic is second to none. I look forward to continuing my long term relationship with Mr. Santiago and his colleagues.
Very Truly Yours,

Very Truly Yours,
Evan N. Ross Esq.

Jeff Aronsky

Jeffrey A. Aronsky P.C.

I have personally observed the wonderful work Herb has accomplished in the marketing industry. He has an uncanny ability to make his work standout in a region that is undeniably flooded with options. He is credible, well respected by his peers, thinks outside of the box and his word his gold. His work has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Very truly yours,
Jeffrey Aronsky

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