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Brett suffered from severe Migraine headaches that no medication was helping. It was at that time that his brother started treating him with Chiropractic Care. Since that time his migraine headaches have been nothing but a distant memory. He has been proudly providing patients with relief from multitudes of symptoms for over 40 years. Initially practicing in Holbrook and Medford, in January 2000 he decided that he wanted to practice with his brother Keith. Since then, just like during their childhood, they have been pushing each other to give patients the best that Chiropractic has to offer. Brett is extremely confident in the benefits of Chiropractic. Him, his wife, his daughter and his son are on Chiropractic wellness plans to continue to feel the best we possibly can.

Brett Pastuch, D.C.

Medical Licenses


License Number

Issued State

Chiropractic Care


New York

Medical Group Practice

Doing Business as 

Legal Organization Name

Number of Members

Island Chiropractic

Practice Locations

131 W Old Country Road

Island Chiropractic



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