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As a chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Haggerty, DC is tasked with diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders emphasizing manual adjustment of the spine. He aims to reduce pain and improve the functionality and mobility of their patients by their practice. He offers alternative medicine focusing on the relationship between their spine and nervous system. Chiropractors can help restore the structural integrity of your spine by reducing pressure on it and aiding the improvement of the overall health of their patient. Chiropractic treatment understands that the structural and biomechanical treatment of your spine can impact the nervous systems. The idea behind any chiropractic practice is to help establish spinal mobility again, which consequently treats any spinal nervous issue and re-establishes reflexes positively altered.  Chiropractors tend to engage with musculoskeletal and nervous disorders most frequently, but do not limit themselves to these. They may work independently or in a multidisciplinary team alongside other spine specialists. You can contact a chiropractor to relieve headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, arthritic pain and sports/car injuries. If required, your chiropractor may also refer you to other medical professionals to specifically treat lower back pain.

Dr. Kevin Haggerty, DC is rated as a top chiropractor in the Spring Valley, NY area.

Dr . Kevin M. Haggerty, DC

Medical Licenses


License Number

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New York

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Kevin M. Haggerty, DC

Practice Locations

265 North Main Street Spring Valley NY 10977

Kevin M. Haggerty, DC


855 666-2829

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