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Back in college, as I explored my options for medical school, I came  to understand that chiropractic was the only discipline that worked  hand-in-hand with the human body, gently urging it to its optimal state  of health. The realization was exhilarating. I wasn’t only going to help  people get well; I was going to teach them how to stay well.

After I earned my chiropractic degree in 1984, I began to search Long  Island for the ideal place to establish my practice. The beauty and  vibrance of Patchogue, with its rich history, warmth, and charm,  convinced me that this was the place for me. I found the perfect  location in an old Victorian house at the corner of Route 112 and Oak  Street.

Once I had a location, it was time to start building my practice. I  was very excited to begin treating patients, and their enthusiasm as  they felt their symptoms disappear confirmed what I already knew—the  Chiropractic philosophy is the answer to attaining and maintaining  health naturally.

Dr. Farrago

Medical Licenses


License Number

Issued State


New York

Medical Group Practice

Doing Business as 

Legal Organization Name

Number of Members

Great South Bay Chiropractic

Practice Locations

105 Medford Ave, Patchogue, NY 11772, USA

Great South Bay Chiropractic


855 666-2829

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