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Owner and Director of Advance PT with over 20 years of clinical and  teaching experience. Has a full fledge Disability Assessment Facility . All the doctors and specialist to document the injuries . Dr. Obergh received his doctorate from Touro  College and is currently teaching graduate Exercise Physiology students  at Adelphi University. Orthopedic rehabilitation is a necessary step in reestablishing your  full motion and strength following an orthopedic surgery or injury.  Orthopedic injuries are very common and most people will experience  multiple throughout a lifetime.

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation treats a large variety of conditions from sports related and non-sports related injuries that affect the muscular and skeletal system.

  • Some  injuries that can be treated with orthopedic rehabilitation are: carpal  tunnel syndrome, knee and ankle sprains, neck and back pain, or shoulder  tendonitis.

  • Orthopedic  rehabilitation is often needed post-surgery to help in the healing  process. Some of the conditions that would require rehabilitation are:  complete shoulder or knee replacement, rotator cuff repairs, or spinal  fusion.

Dr. Louis Obergh

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New York

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Advance Physical Therapy

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2633 Main St, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA

Advance Physical Therapy


855 666-2829

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