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Dov J. Berkowitz, M.D., founder of Advanced Orthopaedics, is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who has dedicated his life to healing by providing high-quality medical care and personal attention – before, during, and after surgery. With three decades of experience in orthopaedic medicine, Dr. Berkowitz understands that acute-, accident-, and sports-related injuries can be incredibly debilitating and in some cases, they may create a life-changing hardship. For this reason, Dr. Berkowitz takes a holistic treatment approach to heal his patient’s injuries. He utilizes his well-rounded expertise and advanced training to place patients on a path to recovery and long-term wellness.

Dov Berkowitz, M.D.

Medical Licenses


License Number

Issued State

Orthopedic Surgeon


New York

Medical Group Practice

Doing Business as 

Legal Organization Name

Number of Members

Advanced Orthopaedics

Practice Locations

2356 University Avenue

Advanced Orthopaedics



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